For Cats

We are The Cat Company

We love our cats, and we know you do too! Our goal is to make a one stop shop for cat people and their cats. With that goal in mind, we want to supply our furry friends and their owners with high quality products.

When you shop at The Cat Company you are also helping animals in need. A portion of all profits goes towards helping animal groups around the world. If you have a donation request, please email us the group you would like The Cat Company to give to.

We hope you find everything you are looking for while you shop. If there is something missing, please contact us!

We look forward to supplying all your cat needs!

  • Saber

    Saber is our QC manager. He oversees the testing of various products to ensure they are up to standard. His favorites are cozy beds and cat towers.

  • Pancake

    Pancake is our executive assistant. She provides excellent administrative support. She loves to check on the printer and keep our keyboards warm.